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With our product you can grow your margin and optimize conversion both for renewal and new business. You can benefit from the power of AI for any retail line of business and offer truly personalized pricing managed in a dynamic way.
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Next-generation dynamic insurance pricing software

Quantee open architecture and vast integration options enable every insurer to find its own optimal approach to implementation. Regardless of your current level of P&C or Health pricing sophistication and automation, everyone can benefit from extensive capabilities provided by Quantee.
Simple modelling

I’d like to start with enhancing data processing and simple modelling.

I am looking for a solution that covers GLM/GAM modelling, standard visualizations and rating factors.
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I have been using linear models for a while and am ready to try something more sophisticated.

I’d like to boost the pricing performance while keeping results explainable to stakeholders. I am looking for a solution that covers in an intuitive way both traditional modelling and advanced, proprietary risk/demand algorithms.
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Price optimistation
I’m happy with my models’ performance, but would like to implement price optimisation of single/package products.
I want to improve the profitability of my renewal and new business portfolio and increase conversion rates..
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Price engine
My pricing is set properly, but I need more speed and flexibility in managing it.
I’m looking for a dynamic pricing engine that will enable me to own the deployment process and adjust my tariffs on the go.
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It’s high time to make a bold move and adapt my pricing processes to the needs of the digital world.
I’d like to implement the most innovative and powerful solution to cover the whole process end-to-end.
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