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Next-generation dynamic insurance pricing software. Powered by AI.

Risk & demand modelling, price optimisation and dynamic pricing engine at your fingerprints with Quantee.

How it works

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Why Quantee?

Next-generation dynamic insurance pricing software

End-to-end solution

Get rid of fragmented and ineffective pricing architecture and see how much efficiency you can achieve with an integrated platform.

Peace of mind

Focus on your business and building the best tariffs on the market. We’ll take care of maintenance, performance and scalability.


Forget about boring, repetitive and manual tasks. You can use Quantee to automate them and have more time to do things that matter.

Endless possibilities

Would you like to extend the capabilities of the Quantee? Feel free to write your own plugins in Python and use them within the solution.

Easy collaboration

Use built-in features to share, copy or embed one project in the other, making collaboration between team members quick and easy.

Explainable AI

Get your superpowers using AI to build more powerful models while keeping a full transparency of the results
Instant Policy, Claim & External Data Processing
  • Connect to any data source including flat files, databases and cloud storage in a secure way.
  • Use built-in data processing features and your open-source plugins enabling you to replace SQL code with the platform.
  • Enable additional predictive power using external data sources and geographical information.
Transparent Risk & Demand Modelling
  • Supercharge GLM/GAM modelling with an intuitive and automated interface enabling fast iterations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by trying a set of powerful built-in pricing ML algorithms and your open-source plugins.
  • Compare model performance and explain impact using a handful of built-in visualisation tools and Explainable AI.
Powerful Price Optimisation
  • Improve loss ratios using advanced price optimisation algorithm for single or package insurance products.
  • Fulfil business requirements defining individual and aggregative constraints applied to premium levels and conversion rates.
  • Monitor renewal and new business pricing strategies by inspecting interactive impact analysis reports.
Product personalisation
  • Create, monitor and analyse propensity-to-buy models delivering insights for product and bundles offering.
  • Determine cross-selling opportunities that could have the highest probability of conversion for individuals.
  • Serve policyholders win-win personalisation in terms of offered products, coverages and individual terms.
Dynamic pricing engine
  • Provide personalized prices directly to your sales channels.
  • Deploy new pricing instantly without any IT effort.
  • Easily monitor, manage and test your tariffs to adapt quickly and stay ahead of your competition.

Deployment Options

A solution your IT team will love to integrate with.
Managed Cloud

The most powerful pricing engine offering flexibility, security and reduction of costs thanks to a fully managed cloud software service.
Private Cloud

Seamless integration of our pricing engine with your preferred cloud provider.
On-premise Cluster

Maintain the ultimate control over data and access at the same time benefiting from the scalability of our pricing engine.
Ready to empower your pricing team?