Boost collaboration between pricing team members

Keep every step of the pricing process aligned, governed and extremely collaborative. Quantee fully engages all individuals, teams and stakeholders to enhance operational efficiency.

Streamlined platform

All pricing processes in one software, allowing for limitless collaboration between pricing actuaries, data scientists and executives. Easily switch between design of a pricing model, execution of deployments and portfolio management without losing track

Connected pricing teams

Whether a few people or hundreds of people are involved in the pricing process, Quantee scales the collaboration along with your needs. You can easily share models with another team, keep a history of pricing engine deployments as well as keep audit trail of users’ actions.
Superior management of users and teams
Collaboration is extremely easy with user and team roles embedded in project workspaces, pricing engines, and single functionalities such as accessing data or approving deployments.

Daniel Sobiecki, Head of Tariff Department, InterRisk

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