Forget legacy issues during pricing models deployment

Quantee Execute allows you to deploy any pricing changes within minutes, not weeks or months. Effortlessly configure, test and deploy live any pricing models as a secure, scalable and ultrafast API.

How it works

Deploy any pricing model

  • Deploy any pricing process as an API in minutes, not weeks or days.
  • Take control over what and when is deployed – no IT effort is required to expose the pricing changes to sales channels.
  • Make your deployment process fully governed by testing, approval, scheduling and logging functionalities.

Pricing engines governance and testing

  • Construct A/B testing rules allowing you to test live pricing engines on a selected subset of your portfolio.
  • Conveniently set underwriting rules which allows you to exclude invalid quotations.
  • Version, cache and manage your pricing engines to perform MTA processes, historic API calls and renewal batch processes.
Robust performance
  • Make sure that your pricing engine responses are ultrafast for any complexity of pricing models.
  • Be first on the aggregators and publish at scale thanks to cloud scalability.
  • Benefit from the fully secure connection between API consumers, sales channels and your live pricing engines.
What our customers are saying

We were looking for a solution capable of deploying pricing changes within minutes and providing responses so swiftly that it satisfies the needs of even the most demanding UK aggregators. Quantee proved to be exactly what we needed.

Tim Hooper, CTO, Tedaisy
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We selected Quantee after careful examination across all available pricing software vendors. We’re now ready for data-driven pricing and we can clearly see next steps in growing our pricing sophistication.

Amanda Evenson, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Red River Mutual
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We’ve already successfully launched our first pricing project built in Quantee and first outlooks are really promising, significantly reducing claim frequency and our loss ratio.

Maciej Woźny, Head of Pricing, TUW “TUW”
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