Manage insurance portfolio in real-time

Quantee Manage unlocks game-changing technology allowing you to monitor insurance portfolio, forecast the impact and react to any market event in real time. Bring your insurance operations to the next level and stay ahead of the competitors.

How it works

Real-time monitoring

  • Leverage automatic data capture and data feeds to observe portfolio behaviour in real time.
  • Boost strategic decisions by making drill-down analyses and observe business KPIs on selected segments.
  • Generate customizable monitoring dashboards tailored to your specific business needs.

Portfolio alerts

  • Be ahead of the market using our portfolio alerts about conversion drops, risk outliers and KPIs below/above thresholds.
  • Reduce time-consuming portfolio analysis by using automated checks and hints on your portfolio at any granularity level.
  • Boost time-to-market of pricing changes by alerts integrated with your pricing models.
Forecast and React
  • Significantly improve loss ratio and combined ratio using single source of information for all pricing decisions.
  • See the impact before making the decision using embedded “what-if” impact analysis on real-time data.
  • Swiftly switch from portfolio analysis to pricing models update and deployment thanks to full integration with Quantee Design and Execute modules.
What our customers are saying

We were looking for a solution capable of deploying pricing changes within minutes and providing responses so swiftly that it satisfies the needs of even the most demanding UK aggregators. Quantee proved to be exactly what we needed.

Tim Hooper, CTO, Tedaisy
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We selected Quantee after careful examination across all available pricing software vendors. We’re now ready for data-driven pricing and we can clearly see next steps in growing our pricing sophistication.

Amanda Evenson, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Red River Mutual
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We’ve already successfully launched our first pricing project built in Quantee and first outlooks are really promising, significantly reducing claim frequency and our loss ratio.

Maciej Woźny, Head of Pricing, TUW “TUW”
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