Increase conversion and renewal ratios

Quantee end-to-end insurance pricing software helps actuarial teams to increase conversion and renewal ratios through extended risk, demand and propensity-to-buy modelling algorithms. Integrated online price optimisation embedded in rating engine APIs allows for growth in GWP for selected business lines and improves underperforming portfolio segments.

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Low conversion/retention

Not being able to offer the right price for each individual leads to issues with renewing customers and not attracting new business.

No portfolio monitoring

Lack of technology supporting portfolio monitoring in real-time makes our business decisions outdated and behind the competitors.

Inaccurate risk models

Not enough time and unscalable pricing systems make the modelling efforts inaccurate leading to low conversion/renewal rates.

How Quantee helps

Advanced price optimisation

Our state-of-the-art individual price optimisation algorithm works with individual and aggregative constraints beating the market benchmarks and significantly improving the profitability of the renewal and new business insurance portfolio.

Advanced GLM/ML-based models

Quantee offers a powerful analytical environment that allows your team to create, update and govern highly precise risk and non-risk models. AI-assisted GLM/GAM, explainable GBMs and other advanced supervised/unsupervised techniques allow pricing teams to create the most competitive pricing strategies in the market.

Integrated pricing engine

Any pricing strategy built in Quantee can be deployed and integrated with sales channels, including ML algorithms, open-source integrations or online price-optimisation. Robust pricing engines APIs can be tested and monitored allowing pricing teams to react to any market events.

What value do we bring

Up to 10% conversion/renewal ratios growth
At the same time maintaining profitability intact
What our customers are saying

We’ve already successfully launched our first pricing project built in Quantee and first outlooks are really promising, significantly reducing claim frequency and our loss ratio.

Maciej Woźny, Head of Pricing, TUW “TUW”
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We were looking for a solution capable of deploying pricing changes within minutes and providing responses so swiftly that it satisfies the needs of even the most demanding UK aggregators. Quantee proved to be exactly what we needed.

Tim Hooper, CTO, Tedaisy
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We’ve chosen Quantee to implement our strategy to introduce the dynamic-pricing for health insurance as the first insurer on the Spanish market.

Maria Jesus Castro, CIO, DKV Seguros
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