Embed secure solution trusted by leading insurers

Elevate your confidence in the information security of your pricing process. Quantee puts customer trust as the top priority by adopting and monitoring comprehensive security standards.

Security standards are our priority

With Quantee your information is protected meeting all information security standards, as required by the ISO 27001. Our daily practices align with the highest industry benchmarks, allowing you to fully focus on business value.

Data security

Our software employs state-of-the-art encryption, access controls and regular audits to fortify data confidentiality and integrity. We ensure that data security is assessed and enhanced regularly.
Business continuity
Quantee uses the most resilient cloud computing service providers ensuring that the most demanding practices around regular backups, disaster recovery and constant monitoring are implemented and tested.

Deployment Options

A solution your IT team will love to integrate with.
Managed Cloud

The most powerful pricing engine offering flexibility, security and reduction of costs thanks to a fully managed cloud software service.
Private Cloud

Seamless integration of our pricing engine with your preferred cloud provider.
On-premise Cluster

Maintain the ultimate control over data and access at the same time benefiting from the scalability of our pricing engine.
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