Benefit from top-notch insurance pricing expertise and proactive support

Quantee’s pricing consultants have the extensive market expertise, core technology knowledge and project management skillset to help your pricing teams deliver successful outcomes.

Try out the solution

Our tailored approach to PoCs and Quantee demos helps you validate the pain points in your pricing process and discover how much value Quantee can bring to your business.

Integrate and onboard with Quantee

We ensure that you have the correct setup, proper skills and extensive training materials to fully benefit from seamless technical integration and business implementation.
Dedicated pricing consultants
Let us leverage your growth by becoming your most trusted advisors, proactively supporting you with the extensive market expertise of our pricing consultants.
What does a PoC look like?

We help you validate the business challenge, define the success criteria and tailor the work together to minimize your team efforts and maximize the relevance of the value brought by Quantee.

How long does it take to train my team?

The software is highly intuitive, so after a few hours of training our users are confident in building, managing, and deploying their first pricing models.

Is it difficult to integrate Quantee within the IT ecosystem?

The integration of Quantee Design is immediate, and you can create your first pricing models with no IT costs. When it comes to integration with distribution channels and policy admin systems it usually takes a couple of weeks to have a fully scalable solution working on production.

Where is my data stored?

You can choose where the cloud/server is located to satisfy your internal security policies and regulations.

Not convinced yet?