Red River Mutual unlocks data-driven pricing capabilities with Quantee

Residential & Farm


Leveraging data-driven pricing and constantly advancing Red River’s pricing sophistication



Amanda Evenson, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Red River Mutual

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We were looking for a solution capable of deploying pricing changes within minutes and providing responses so swiftly that it satisfies the needs of even the most demanding UK aggregators. Quantee proved to be exactly what we needed.

Tim Hooper, CTO, Tedaisy
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We’ve already successfully launched our first pricing project built in Quantee and first outlooks are really promising, significantly reducing claim frequency and our loss ratio.

Maciej Woźny, Head of Pricing, TUW “TUW”
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We’ve chosen Quantee to implement our strategy to introduce the dynamic-pricing for health insurance as the first insurer on the Spanish market.

Maria Jesus Castro, CIO, DKV Seguros
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