New Partnership: Quantee & Pearson Ham Group

Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes
Sales Director UK&I
November 28, 2023

Next-gen pricing software provider Quantee has announced an exciting new partnership with pricing specialists Pearson Ham Group which will combine knowledge, experience and technology to enhance insurance offerings across the UK markets.

Historically, the insurance pricing markets have predominantly used traditional pricing methods but now there is a greater need for competitive edge. This partnership will help insurance companies unlock new value by utilising the latest pricing strategies with the leading edge technology.

With Quantee's AI-based, dynamic insurance pricing software, it means that through this partnership insurers, MGAs and brokers are able to effectively design and deliver a pricing strategy to optimise their business with the experience and insight from Pearson Ham.

Quote from Quantee:

The team at PHG brings together years of pricing experience from the retail insurance markets. The depth of their knowledge, combined with Quantee’s dynamic pricing solution, allows us to provide real and innovative solutions to insurers, brokers and MGAs at a time when the market is more competitive than ever and these businesses need to ensure their pricing is spot on. I am excited to work with Stephen and the team at PHG moving forward.

Scott Holmes – UK & Ireland Sales Director

Quote from Pearson Ham:

At Pearson Ham Group, we believe Quantee’s solution offers significant flexibility in both modelling techniques as well as the types of models which can be included in price optimisation projects. The ability to easily combine AI and machine learning models, where improvements in accuracy can be achieved, with standard GLM approaches is where we see the greatest value.  The user-friendliness of the software means clients can become largely self-sufficient, with the ability to update and refresh optimisations once initial set-up has been completed.

About Quantee

Quantee is a next-generation dynamic pricing platform that helps insurers, MGAs and brokers to build more accurate and reliable pricing models, reduce the time-to-market for pricing updates, and increase conversion/retention ratios for their most profitable segments, leading to improved underwriting results and greater efficiency.

About Pearson Ham:

Pearson Ham Group is a specialist team of experts helping clients improve business performance through better pricing. PHG offers unique pricing insights to the UK insurance market, equipping pricing teams with the data needed to make effective, informed pricing decisions. Working with many of top UK insurers, PHG’s extensive insights and highly knowledgeable team of pricing experts gives our clients a real competitive advantage. Led by Insurance pricing expert Stephen Kennedy, PHG has been driving real value for our Insurance clients since 2018.

To find out more about Pearson Ham, click here.

To discuss how Pearson Ham and Quantee’s solutions might benefit your business, please contact our team.

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