New Partner: Quantee & Genasys

Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes
Sales Director UK&I
September 15, 2023

Quantee is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with award-winning insurance technology provider, Genasys.

Genasys is a cloud-based insurance administration platform, designed to give insurers, MGAs and brokers a unique level of flexibility and control to digitize and improve their policy, billing and claims processes.  

The partnership will enable insurance businesses using Genasys to access Quantee’s dynamic pricing software as part of their core policy administration platform, meaning they can launch and manage their insurance products to market quickly, now with sophisticated pricing capabilities all managed from one integrated solution.

The Genasys platform comes with over 350 pre-configured products, and easy-to-use no-code tools for product building and customization, whilst the open APIs and pre-integrated ecosystem allows users to essentially future proof their technology and aligns perfectly with how we work at Quantee too.

Scott Holmes, Sales Director at Quantee, said: We are delighted to be working with the fantastic team at Genasys, which will see two groundbreaking solutions working together to great effect. We’ve seen that the Genasys platform is a perfect hub to manage the end-to-end insurance journey, and with pricing such a crucial element, we’re thrilled that Quantee’s dynamic pricing solution will now be available to Genasys customers. Genasys’s global users will be able to leverage the latest in insurance pricing technology, with instant deployment and monitoring in real time.

Gavin Peters, Chief Marketing Officer at Genasys, said: We’re really excited to add Quantee to our growing list of eco-system partners, providing our clients with even more flexibility and functionality when launching innovative new products to market. Quantee’s dynamic pricing capabilities help us deliver what we know modern insurers need – cutting edge-technology, made accessible and simple to use. Our customers using Quantee will be able utilise new-levels of pricing optimisation, driving efficiency and speed.

Together, our goal is to keep the innovators innovating, and help them lead their markets through the latest technology in both Policy Administration and Dynamic Pricing.

To find out more about Genasys, click here.

To discuss how Genasys and Quantee’s solutions might benefit your business, please contact our team.

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