New Partner: Quantee and Xivoni Actuaries and Consultants (Group)

Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes
Sales Director UK&I
March 1, 2023

Quantee partners with Xivoni Actuaries and Consultants in South Africa


We’re delighted to announce that Quantee is partnering with Xivoni to offer smarter pricing and underwriting solutions to insurers on the African continent.

This new partnership with Xivoni is expected to reinforce knowledge, experience, and technology for the firm enhancing their insurance offering across the African continent.


Xivoni works with insurance companies to understand their problems, develop long-standing solutions through effective communication that ensures that these solutions are implemented successfully.


With Quantee’s AI-based dynamic insurance pricing software,and through this partnership, insurers across Africa can more effectively design and deliver state-of-the-art pricing strategies to optimise their business.


About Quantee

Quantee is an ext-generation dynamic pricing platform that helps insurers, MGAs and InsurTechs to build more accurate and reliable pricing models, reduce the time-to-market for pricing updates, and increase conversion/retention ratios for their most profitable segments, leading to improved underwriting results and greater efficiency.


About Xivoni

We offer advisory services which are aimed at improving our clients’ product offering. Xivoni’s partners are qualified actuaries and work closely with insurers across the African continent which enables the firm to stay close to developments in these markets. Xivoni’s approach of walking the journey with its clients has assisted it to deliver exceptional quality due to its ability to focus its attention on the detail.

 Our agility and responsiveness to client needs is an aspect that we believe has been the cornerstone of our success and has allowed our firm to develop mutual trustwith our clients.

 Since we opened our offices in 2016, Xivoni has advised firms of various sizes in South Africa,Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique in solving their business challenges.


Quote from Xivoni

We are excited by this new partnership with Quantee. We have seen that some of the emerging challengesin the insurance industry includes a need to become more responsive to the changing demands and behaviours of policyholders.

 There’s certainly a value advantage that we see from utilising large volumes of data to improve insurance products, but being able to more seamlessly interpret pricing drivers and gain more in-depth insight into what the data is revealing will increasingly become a competitive advantage for insurers particularly on the continent.

We believe that the Quantee platform will help us and our clients to advance the technology capabilities more rapidly to alleviate pain points in their businesses.
Mcebisi Dhlamini, Partner Xivoni. 


Quote from Quantee

The team at Xivoni brings together years of experience from all sides of the insurance ecosystem across different African markets. Their depth and diversity of their knowledge, combined with Quantee’s cutting edge pricing solution, allows us to provide real and innovative solutions to insurers, insurtechs andMGAs.

This is partnership really does allow us to take pricing sophistication to the next level in Africa and help the insurance market meet the demands of the modern policyholder, we are excited to work with Mcebisi and the team at Xivonion this moving forward.

- Mateusz Gintrowski, Chief Growth Officer andCo-Founder

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