New Customer- Quantee and Thanachart Insurance collaborate to provide more personalized insurance

Mateusz Gintrowski
Mateusz Gintrowski
Chief Growth Officer
May 19, 2023

We are proud to welcome another exceptional customer - Thanachart Insurance Company!

Thanachrt Insurance is one of the major insurance carriers operating on the Thai market and a part of Thanachart Capital Group. For almost 30 years Thanachart Insurance has been protecting millions of Thai people by providing motor, property, and health insurance coverage.

As one of the most advanced insurers on the Thai market, Thanachart has decided to implement Quantee to further enhance its pricing process. That decision is in line with Thanachart’s Customer Centric focus and will help provide even better personalisation of products and premiums.

“We are confident that with Quantee we will be able to price more efficiently“ - comments Onnitha Onnuch, Pricing Actuary.

The entire Quantee team is super excited about the newly signed partnership with Thanachart Insurance and we are fully committed to delivering the best possible experience and results!

Thanks to the entire Thanachart team for your trust - looking forward to providing tremendous value for your business.

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